Sister Krizina Bojanc

Sister Krizina Bojanc was born on May 14th, 1885, in the village of Zbure near Šmarjeta in Slovenia. Her parents, Mihael and Marija, nee Bizjak, named her Josefa at birth. She was the second among the six children of the Bojanc family. Her parents used to run an Inn at first. Looking for a more steady job and a better future, Sr. Krizina's father emigrated to the United States, like so many other Slovenes in those difficult and troubled times. After some time, however, his family lost touch with him. The mother gave up running the Inn and turned completely to working on the land and to bringing up her children.

Josefa entered the Congregation of Daughters of Divine Charity on December 28th, 1921, at the age of 36. She took the name Krizina.

Sr. Krizina was an exceptional and exemplary nun. Wherever her duties took her, everybody agreed that she was a modest, humble and simple nun. All the nuns admired her hardworking spirit and diligence.

When Sr. Krizina was sent to the Pale convent, she continued to do the heavy work in the convent garden, around the house and in the stables. The nuns' agriculture in Pale, put largely in Sr. Krizina's industrious and capable hands, was an example of how a modern and prosperous peasant holding could be developed even at the foot of the Romania Mountain. The villagers, Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox alike, were amazed by it. They could not even dream that such abundance and variety of plants and such high yields were possible for them, too.

In December 1941 Sister Krizina was tortured and murdered in Goražde, Bosnia, with her other fellow sisters known as the Martyrs of Drina. 

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